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The Who – Best Of (Full Album Compilation) – YouTube.

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Saturn Rings have been Around for about 4 Billion Years: NASA : Space : Nature World News.

  A court confronts history – Times Union. THE ISSUE: The Supreme Court weighs two decisive cases on same-sex marriage. THE STAKES: A fair and just ruling cannot uphold institutionalized discrimination. The Federal Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 may be two entirely different laws, yet taken together they represent the problem with laws against […]

Was a famous patient who believed he lived on other planets actually novelist Cordwainer Smith?. Psychologist Robert Lindner’s 1955 book The Fifty-Minute Hour details the case of a man who believed he was “living part of the time in another world—on another planet.” And many people now believe this famous case study was actually Norstrilia […]

Three arrested for trying to cut undersea Internet cable – SlashGear.

  The Origin Of The Universe: From Nothing Everything? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR.

  Italy court: Amanda Knox to be retried for Meredith Kercher murder – World News.  

Did Michael Moore go too far by bringing Harry Reid’s grandchildren into the gun control… – YouTube.

Two studies of vacuums suggest that the speed of light in a vacuum might fluctuate, pointing the way to a quantum mechanical explanation for why the speed of light and other so-called constants are what they are. Scientists examine nothing, find something – A young person attempts to navigate a laser maze during the […]