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One of the neatest new features in Windows 7 Professional and above is XP Mode, but not all machines are capable of running it. Today we show you how to use VMware to run XP Mode on machines without Hardware Virtualization. How does this work? Even if your computer doesn’t have hardware virtualization, you can […]

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f | Cover

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f | Cover. Feedly takes your feeds and makes them into a Magazine. It’s the best thing of this kind I have ever seen.

Why boys need parents…

BBC News – Cancer prevention campaign begins. One in three people in Northern Ireland will develop cancer during their lifetime. A year-long campaign aimed at increasing prevention of the disease has been launched by the Ulster Cancer Foundation (UCF). The campaign ‘Cancer can be prevented too’ will educate local people on simple measures they can […]

Just a test

February 3, 2010, 5:45 pm Have a Medical Question? Text a Group of Doctors By CLAIRE CAIN MILLER Patients, journalists, financial analysts, pharmaceutical executives and doctors could at times benefit from having a panel of physicians to whom they could pose questions. Truth On Call, a San Francisco start-up, assembles such a group virtually, by […]